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Welcome to the official website of The Internet's Talk Superstation.

Tonight on The Talk Superstation (All times Eastern)

Click that thing that reads "Listen Live" to tune in. Our broadcast week starts on Sunday evening and goes on until early Sunday morning. Click here if you wish to find out exactly what we're airing in that timeframe.

It's A Primetime "Mancrush". Erich "Mancow" Muller is now part of our nightly lineup, starting at 10 PM ET, followed by "The Truth Traveler" live from 11 PM-1 AM. Not enough "Cow" for you? You can also hear a second hour of Mancow starting at 1:35 AM ET as part of "Talk Superstation Late Night," followed by Alex Jones.

It's"The Rhonda Show"! And it's live, original programming every Sunday night at 7 PM ET. Call in at 704.216.4220, or Skype @talksuperstation.

Are you hearing us on your mobile device yet? There are two ways to do so: Download the TuneIn Radio app, or, if you prefer, Download the Shoutcast app, and search for We currently operate a 64 kbps stream. Then, as you play the station, make it a "favorite" (on the TuneIn app, click the heart icon on the top right corner of the screen; on the Shoutcast app, you can do this by hitting the star on the top right of the screen). And there we are - ready to bring you great talk entertainment at the push of a button. - bringing Internet talk radio into the 21st century (even if it's a few years after the fact).

Want to find out the kind of programs we air, and when we air them? Our Facebook page has the latest program schedule, as well as show descriptions. In fact, our Facebook page is updated a heck of a lot more often than this page is, so log onto Facebook and "like" us to stay on top of what's happening on

You can contact via our Facebook page. Or, if you are not Facebook inclined, there is always the conventional way - e-mail. Drop a line to (Be sure to remove the clever "spam guard" attached to the e-mail link.) E-mail is also the preferred way to contact us if there is a program you wish to see added to our lineup.

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